Terrence Davis of the Sacramento Kings

Terence Davis II is on The Rise

By Jason Jones

Beware of the PKs.

That’s short for Preacher’s Kids, occasionally known to be tormentors of congregations with their rebellious antics and their proficiency in profanity, among other misdeeds. In some cases, they are seen as walking headaches that too many adults give a pass. You just can’t say anything bad about the offspring of the officers of the church.

But in other cases, the PKs become solid citizens. Because in the midst of all their resistance to authority, the lessons do stick at some point. Some even follow the path of their parents, taking up residence in the pulpit.

Sacramento Kings guard Terence Davis II, a PK himself, believes there’s more he can and will do on the spiritual side.

Toronto is where Davis began his career, and the team’s G League coach, Patrick Mutombo, joked about Davis being someone who would look to save souls.

“He used to tease me,” Davis told The Athletic. “He said he had a dream of me preaching.”